Extinct-3rd album is out on Kapa Records

by | Nov 21, 2019

After passing the bless on latest album with Mcs and producers Levni, Stormtrap Asifeh, Ethnique Punch and Naji, Darla will present new album Extinct, dedicated to all the wanishing live on our planet. Extinct album will try to awake and remind again that the battles against extinction from some decades ago are still there and haven’t been getting any attention and help in solving the situations, so we still have Native americans without their prairie, Tibetian people being forced to become Chinese, Maori and Aborigini tribes drowning in the bigcity’s slums, masacre in Amazonia and the last sheppard in Bolgaria who is being succed into globalisation, all the way to the plastic soundscape under the Arctic sea. All in all the new album will spit out the dying scream and helpless anger while we all quietly watch the world blow in our faces.Extinct is the new dead.